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About Us

The Bursars Forum is a community of business leaders in schools (Business managers, bursars, board treasurers and principals) that was formed in 1997 by the business owners of Resolve Consulting Group as a service to the sector.  The Bursars Forum (TBF) comprises two main components:

  • This website – a store house of member submitted and premium (TBFXtra) policies, spreadsheets and resources for sharing
  • The Bursars Forum email mailing list – a valuable forum where you access the collective wisdom of all our members about all the business aspects of schools.

Basic membership of TBF is FREE.  When you join The Bursars Forum, you join our moderated mailing list and get access to our website of member submitted resources, such as example policies, role descriptions, forms, spreadsheets, surveys etc.

You can also choose to become a TBFXtra member. TBFXtra provides access to the archive resources of past surveys plus other premium content.  This is an annual paid subscription service available to you on registration or later if you want to upgrade to access TBFXtra resources.  Being a member of TBFXtra also helps contribute to the costs of keeping us online.